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Custom Cardboard POP UP Display Stand - IP Protection Product- Just 1-second Assemble! Eye-catching!

Fast assembly! POP UP when lifting! In 1 Second your cardboard display shelves will be up and ready for your event, exhibition, or point of sale display!

Save Time! Let's Get To Grab Consumers' Attention To Promote Impulse purchasesThe shelves can be customized to your product's needs and business profile! Talk To Our Experienced And Lively Packaging Specialists Now. Contact Us.

First impressions are everything! What would you like your customers to see when they are looking for your product? Do you want them to walk past the naked merchandise, or would you rather they stop, curious about the story you have crafted with packaging? You can attract potential customers with creative, attractive, and informative displays and packaging.

We are top manufacturers integrating designing, customizing, producing, and selling for your projects! We will provide the expertise and resources you need to help make your dream a reality. We offer professional and creative eye-catching designs, while still being affordable. Our state-of-the-art printing options to an experienced design team will be able to design a container for your product that will draw more customers to you.

We assist our customers by creating POP displays, retail-ready packaging, and fulfillment. We provide a full support team of in-house graphics and structural designers to create innovative turnkey solutions. it's our goal to exceed our customers' expectations each and every time. We want our displays to give the perception and sales figures of your products a boost. We achieve those objectives by striving for excellent product quality at any moment. 

   "A unique combination of industry-leading software, capable design department, and experienced manufacturing team will translate your concept or ideas into a reality exceeding your expectations!"

----Outstanding Custom Personalized Cardboard Display Solutions Made Easy!

 Our Creative Team

Top design -Our specialist structural & graphic design teams have plenty of experience with displays for a very diverse range of products. And still, they like to start from scratch each time. Because they want to give your product the individual attention it deserves.

We love a challenge and relish the chance to be creative at every opportunity, whilst keeping an eye on cost and ease of assembly – and always minimizing waste.

All throughout the stages of our design and production process, our focus is on quality and durability. All our displays and installations have one goal only: to make your products shine as much as possible.

A great team- We permanently invest in the training of our employees at all levels. And we see to it that the atmosphere in the team is always good. This way your project is always treated by a motivated and talented team.

Whilst we have a great deal of experience and expertise on the operational side of our business, it is our People that really make the biggest difference.

The Team here understands that remaining focused on you as our Customer, keeping you regularly informed, and ensuring we understand your ongoing requirements is critically important to everyone. It is this understanding that enables us to operate at maximum efficiency, and on the rare occasion when something doesn't quite go according to plan, you won't be kept in the dark.

We are very proud of our Team and they are proud of what they can achieve for you.

Our People Will Always Help You. Get A Free Quote Now!

Top Materials | Excellent Service


Top materials - We exclusively work with qualitative materials and tried and trusted production partners. That way you can be sure that your design will also be assembled perfectly.

Excellent service - POP Display is a level organization where every employee is responsible for his or her link in the chain. That's what makes us fast and flexible without losing quality.

From your initial inquiry through the order process to delivery day and beyond, you will be confident that your order is being handled by a team with decades of industry experience, operating strict quality control processes, and keeping you informed throughout.

Dedicated Customer Service - Always listening and offering friendly advice based on years of industry knowledge and never the hard sell – you will have a dedicated point of contact throughout the order process.

Quality control - At POP Display Packaging and Displays, we take pride in every product that leaves our facility. Every box and display are treated with care, every order is inspected to ensure that only the highest quality product is sent to our customer. We take pride in all of our products. which is why total quality management is so important to what we do. We will do everything within our means to create a product that is perfect for your needs. 

We understand how important packaging and displays are for your product and we will continue to make products that meet or exceed your expectations.

Sharp prices. - We are on the constant lookout for innovative solutions to reduce the cost of your displays. without losing quality. All orders are manufactured right in their own factories. which helps keep overhead cost and labor expenses down, meaning more savings for customers.  Because we own our own Printing machine we are able to tightly control costs and produce displays and packaging more quickly than the competition.

As such, POP Display has become a leading provider of point-of-purchase displays and packaging solutions. The Company holds current approved supplier status to a number of leading brands. We recognize that quality and speed of delivery are two of the most important reasons why we are selected as a supplier. We do everything we can to ensure that what we produce meets or exceeds your expectations and industry standards, and we strive to do so within the timeline you specify.

Everything starts with an idea. Whether you have your own idea or need some help, let our team of experts make it become a reality Our structural design team has years of experience in creating a point of purchase displays and retail packaging for a wide variety of applications. You have probably seen their work in retail environments such as Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, Best Buy, and many others. A few of our featured clients  PHILLIPS, COCA-COLA, KINDER, PEPSI, WOOLWORTHS, Disney, TESCO, else.

We strive to serve our customers with professional, courteous customer service. You could trust us like them.

If you have any problems, we can provide professional solutions and suggestions for you immediately with our rich experience in dealing with customizing, producing, and shipping.

You can trust us with your business. Our experienced team is ready to help you with any questions.

Contact Us. Get Started Now.

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